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Areas of Interest





Absolute Fretboard Trainer

Method and training software to learn the whole fretboard of guitar and bass


AKoff Guitar Assistant 1.01

Program designed to assist in visual tuning guitar with microphone

Amazing Slow Downer 2.5.0

Slow down music without changing the pitch


AP Guitar Tuner

Advanced guitar tuner


Cakewalk Guitar Studio 2 Trial Version

Guitar Studio provides all the tools a guitar player needs to record, edit and mix projects from start to finish


Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 2

Affordable multitrack recording software for guitar players!


CampFire Guitar

Learn Basic Chord (CampFire) Versions of Songs!


Chord Finder

1100+ Guitar Chords, easy interface, play chords through your sound card


Chord King

An interactive chord book with over 11,000 chords


Chord Pro Manager 3.51

Edit and print ChordPro song files with graphic chord maps


Chord Song Transposer

Transposes chord songs


Chord Transposer Version 2.0

This program will help you to transpose hard chords into easy chords


Chord Warrior PC

Guitar chords learning software



Guitar chord recognition from recorded music


ChordGuitar 3.0

Chord display


Chordmachine 1.5

Write and play along to your own chord progressions


Chordware Progression Assistant

Chord list generator and progression sequencer with MIDI features


ChordWizard Gold Edition v2.0

The Definitive Reference for players of Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Bouzouki and other stringed instruments


ChordWriter 2.0.2

Lyric and ChordBox Editor for Guitarists


Classical Pieces for Today's Guitarist - Vol 1 v1.2

Classical solos and duet for guitar



Guitar TAB (tablature) editor/notator with MIDI support


Decifra 2.0

For editing, visualizing and printing Guitar Chords & Lyrics


Denzo Archive Viewer 1.3

This software produces chord charts in a wonderful graphic format


Denzo Guitar Software III

From chords to arpeggios, scales and progressions: all you need to become a complete guitarist!


Denzo Music Editor 1.2

Transpose MIDIs to tablature and play them at any speed!


Denzo Tab Viewer

This software allows you to play your ASCII tab without any problems


DenzoQuencer 1.1

You can create music with chords and drum session at an incredible speed for your improvisation!


Desktop Guitarist

Play guitar on your computer & Learning Aid


Digital Guitar Tuner 2.3

Digital Guitar Tuner allows you to accurately tune a guitar using direct input or a microphone


DsTune 2.2

Fast and accurate guitar tuning device for Windows



TAB File Editor/Player MIDI , Lessons, 1000 + Chords, scales


Effects Processor Pro 2.1

Multi effect processor


eMedia Bass Method Demo

Interactive/walkthrough demo


eMedia Blues Guitar Legends Demo

Interactive/walkthrough demo


eMedia Guitar Method Demo

Interactive/walkthrough demo


enable Tuner v2.6i

enable Tuner is a powerful instrument tuner and metronome


eTktab 2.5

eTktab is an ascii tablature editor for guitar and bass guitar


FreeTune 1.2c

Guitar Tuner


Fret Specs

Fret Specs: Fret spacing calculator.


Fretboard Warrior

Fretboard learning software


GT-01 Guitar Tuner

Small, interactive, guitar tuner to help you stay in tune while on your computer


Guitar 101

Guitar 101 is a teaching aid that can help you learn to play guitar better


Guitar Book

Learn how to play guitar


Guitar Chord Buster 4.0.3

A virtual guitar designed to allow composition and playback of any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar.


Guitar Chord Transposer

Guitar Chord Transposing Software


Guitar Chords 1.0

Generate thousands of possible fingerings for chords and intervals


Guitar Chords Buster

Guitar composer- any chords & picks possible.

Guitar Chords Library 5.0

Find chords, playing chords and songs, tuning


Guitar Effects - Stomp'n FX - GE1

Guitar effects - stomp box GE1 - guitar EQ


Guitar Effects v2.18

Turn your PC into power multi effects unit producing great guitar tones!


Guitar FX BOX 2.6

Real-time sound effects processor


Guitar Master Pro

Guitar reference software


Guitar Mentor

Guitar Mentor assists you in mastering the guitar


Guitar Plus 0.5

A very useful guitar chord program for guitar players


Guitar Power

Guitar chords, scales and arpeggios


Guitar Pro 3.0

Multitrack guitar tablature editor and various guitar tools


Guitar Pro 3.0

Guitar/bass/drum TAB editor and 8 track player


Guitar Sidekick 3.0.0

The all-in-one utility for guitarists: Includes many helpful tools


Guitar Studio 4.7

Tablature editor, chords, scales, modes, tuner, metronome, and more


Guitar Synth v2.1

Guitar to MIDI


Guitar Teacher 3.2

Learn/hear/print chords; Tuner


Guitar Teacher Pro

Guitar lessons for beginner and intermediate level guitar players


Guitar Theorist 2.0

A professional level guitar chord, scale, interval, and note computation program


Guitar Tuner 1.0

Guitar tuner - includes 3 tunings


Guitar Tuner 1.2

Tuner that plays actual guitar sounds - Java Applet


Guitar Workshop

Guitar tutorial/score editor/song player


GuitarBot 2.0

Program for playing/viewing/creating/editing guitar tabulature


Harmony Assistant 8.1

Multi-purpose music composing/editing software


Hendrix v2.0

HENDRIX: The Guitar Chord Generator


How to play the Guitar - volume I v1.4

Guitar lessons for absolute beginners


How to play the Guitar - volume II

Lessons for beginner/intermediate player


iSong player

Gives you The Power to Play music in the new millennium.


Joshua's ChordTutor

Learn guitar chords quickly


Joshua's ChordTutor V1.5 for Guitar

A simple, versatile tool for learning to play guitar chords.


Kastor's Guitar Tabulature Manager 3.00

The fastest and easiest to use Guitar Tabulature Viewer, Editor & Writer around


KD's Guitar Utilities

Suite of Guitar Scale and Chord Diagram Utilities


KeyNote Music Drills 1.77

Musical Drills for Clef Notes, Keyboard, and Guitar


Lime Music Notation Software 7.25

Powerful notation package



Midi from chord sequences. Simulated Strumming.



Real-time Pitch Detection Software for Tuning Instruments



Midtab reads type one midi(.mid) files and writes one track at a time to a guitar tabulature style text(.txt) file.


Mini Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner for Windows 95 and NT



Music notation editor, guitar tab generator


Music Analyzer

A multimedia player which can play slowly without changing its pitch


My Music Box

Construct and Play your Music Box!


My Oriental Guitar

Construct and Play your Oriental Guitar!


NSA Song Player 1.22

Learn guitar tablature, chords and songs


Nut Chords 32 1.17

Chord and scale finder


Personal Guitar Assistant

Personal assistant to help with learning and using your guitar


Play Guitar 2

Learn to play guitar step by step


Power Chords Pro 2.1

Power Chords Pro is a versatile and powerful computer program that lets you create, edit and play back music


Power Tab Editor 1.7

Free tablature editor


PrintMusic! 2000

Create and print sheet music


Quick Tuner 2001

Quick Tuner is a program that you can use to tune your guitar just by matching the sound!


RandyTab 1.1c

Guitar tablature authoring software



A Win32 remote control for Eventide H3000 processors



Guitar amplifier simulator


Rhythm'n'Chords 2.1 Demo

MIDI FX plug-in for Cubase VST


Rhythm'n'Chords Lite 2.04

Rhythm'n'Chords LITE - plug-in for Cakewalk/SONAR


Ripper 2000

Patch Editor for Digitech RP2000


Roland GI-10 control panel

A contorl panel for the Roland GI-10 guitar MIDI interface


Scale Master v1.0

A scale program for fretted instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, etc.)


SimulAnalog Guitar Suite

Simulation of some famous guitar amplifiers and stompboxes


SlowGold II 7.0.31

SlowGold lets you play along with great riffs and tunes at the original pitch, at your own speed.


SmartScore Guitar Edition 2.0

Playback, transpose and print guitar or solo instrumental music in seconds [WIN]


Song Sheet 2.0

Help for the guitar playing composer


Super Guitar Chord Finder

Easy Guitar Chord Finder


Super Guitar Chord Finder 5

Finding guitar chords was never so easy


Tab Player

World leading FREE guitar tablature editor and PLAYER!!


Tab Transcriber 3.05

Notation software for fretted string instruments


TaBazar 2.0

10-track Tab editor/MIDI player



Guitar tablature editor


Tablature 2.1

Guitar & Bass Tablature Editor


TablEdit Tablature Editor 2.60

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music


TabMachine 1.35

Simple, yet powerful guitar tab-editor


Tabmaster 1.2 Build 3

A fast and easy to use guitar tablature editor


Tabs, Lyrics & Chords 2.0

Tab and lyric editor and database with built-in recorder and CD player


Teach me Blues Guitar

Master Blues Guitar!


TEFview TablEdit File Viewer

Displays, plays and prints tablature and sheet music


The Three Missing Words - Puzzles

By solving three puzzles, match three words and win a guitar program!



Transpose chord files



Simple guitar tuner



Program for tuning the guitar


Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer

Interactive guitar chord training system


VGuitar Beta

Learn 20,000 chords 100+ scales/arpeggios for guitar


Virtual Fretboard (Lite)

Chord and scale generator software


VirtualSO 2001

"VirtualSO " is an application designed to help the novice musician


Voicings 3.4

Multitrack fretboard for guitar, bass, drums and more


Windows guitar tuner

Windows guitar tuner that can HEAR your guitar





Areas of Interest

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